Medical Consumable ID

Spare connector pins between the host system and accessory are typically limited. Consequently, it is a genuine challenge to add authentication and usage monitoring without increasing connector complexity and cost. The 1-Wire® product line not only solves these host/accessory connectivity challenges, but also enables implementation with a single, dedicated connector contact.

The unique 1-Wire contact package allows the 1-Wire device to attach easily to nonelectronic peripherals, such as medical sensors and reagent bottles, and can be mounted with snap-fit or adhesive into a recessed area. Authentication and monitoring are thus accomplished with a single, dedicated 1-Wire connector contact, which reduces connector complexity and cost.

1-Wire Devices for Medical Consumable Authentication 

1-Wire Versatility

  • Automatically calibrates sensors or consumables
  • Limits usage of sensor or consumable that should only be safely used a certain number of times
  • Securely tracks remaining usage
  • Prevents counterfeiting which ensures that quality, genuine OEM products are used
  • Gamma radiation resistant memory available