Pre-Program Private Keys and User Memory to Enhance Overall Security

Modern cryptography calls for using a strong publicly available algorithm which is vetted by the crypto-community, while protecting a secret (or private key) from exposure. OEMs that use secure authentication in their end application must ensure that the secret or private key is programmed prior to the equipment being sold to the end customer, and that it’s not exposed at any point in the supply chain.

The following options are available for programming the secret/private key of our secure authenticators.


We offer a pre-programming service, which ensures that your authentication devices ship from our factory securely programmed and ready to use. Thus, the secret/private key, user memory, and all other device settings are programmed before the secure authenticator leaves our factory. We go to great lengths to ensure the protection of your data. Our secure process for transferring your data to our factory includes an encrypted file transfer of device settings from your computer to our server. You can be assured that the secret or private key is not compromised during manufacturing or at any point in the supply chain.

Our factory pre-programming service has the following terms:

  • Minimum annual usage of 50,000 parts
  • Minimum order quantity is the reel size for the given package type
  • $2000 non recoverable expense (NRE) to set up the custom production flow

Steps for using our secure factory pre-programming service

  1. Contact your Maxim sales representative or distributor sales representative directly to express interest in the program. Alternatively you may contact us.
  2. We will provide you with the device pre-programming application note and software utility.
  3. Use the software utility to output an encrypted data file, per the app note instructions.
  4. Send the encrypted data file to us using the dedicated email address indicated within the utility.
  5. Our factory will send you 5 pre-programmed samples for verification purposes and will provide you with a custom ordering part number.
  6. Validate your pre-programmed devices.
  7. We will provide you with a custom data sheet.
  8. Place your order (for at least the minimum order quantity).