The following products and software are available to bridge your application to a 1-Wire® client.

Part Function Other Features
DS2484 1-Wire® Line Driver I²C-to-1-Wire protocol converter, sleep mode, supports 1.8V, 3.3V, 5.0V slave devices
DS2480B 1-Wire Line Driver UART/RS232 to 1-Wire protocol converter, provides a single 1-Wire bus master I/O port
DS2482-800 1-Wire Line Driver I²C to 1-Wire protocol converter, provides eight 1-Wire bus master I/O ports
DS1WM 1-Wire Bus Master Synthesizable Core Verilog or VHDL macro to implement 1-Wire bus master in hardware on an ASIC
DS9503 ESD Protection Diode with Resistors ±25kV HBM protection, integrated 5Ω isolation resistors, 100pF input capacitance

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Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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