DeepCover Secure Authenticator Demonstration Kit

HW/SW Platform Demonstrates Usage Scenarios for End Application Examples

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The MAXAUTHDEMO demonstrates use case examples for DeepCover® Secure Authenticators. It comprises hardware (as pictured) that is operated from USB 2.0 and a web-based GUI to demonstrate how the functional capabilities of Maxim’s Secure Authenticators are used in various end equipment scenarios. The GUI operates from a web browser such as Chrome™.

Part Application
MAXAUTHDEMO1 Asymmetric ECDSA and symmetric SHA-256 operation of DS28C36
MAXAUTHDEMO2 Asymmetric ECDSA operation of DS28E38

Watch video: Demonstrating Cryptographic Hash, Signatures, and Authentication ›


Key Features

  • USB 2.0 Connected Hardware for Simple Setup and Operation
  • Secure Authenticator Hardware Module for Use Case Demonstration
  • Web-Based GUI for Step-by-Step Explanation of Secure Authenticator Use Scenario


  • Counterfeit Prevention
  • IoT Device Authenticity and Message Integrity
  • Product Quality and Safety
  • Secure Download/Boot
  • Use/Feature Control

Technical Documents

App Note 6891 Secure Authentication for Medical Disposables
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