DS9105, DS9105-SET

iButton Number Set

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Unlike conventional keypads, where data is entered by pressing a mechanical key, the solid buttons of an iButton® keypad allow users to enter data by simply touching each button with an iButton probe or handheld computer. Each of these buttons comes from the factory with blank memory, allowing the user to program each button with whatever data the user would like entered when touched. The iButton keypad is a simple, robust alternative for data entry in harsh environments such as outdoors, industrial workplaces and other locations, where a normal keypad is impractical to operate. Since iButtons are made from stainless steel, this keypad is easily cleaned with hot water and detergent.

The individual iButtons that comprise the keypad can be arranged as desired to maximize ease of use. They can be stuck on a smooth surface using adhesive pads or mounted through 16.5mm holes in a rigid material and fastened by lock rings. The material thickness should not exceed 3.0mm. For a detailed description of the communication protocol and the electrical characteristics of the iButton used in this keypad, please refer to the DS1982 data sheet.

Key Features

  • DS1982-based iButtons branded with their respective character for optimum legibility
  • 128 bytes of user-programmable EPROM in each iButton for maximum flexibility
  • Available as set of 12 (as shown in the graphic) or as individual iButtons
Part NumberOverviewBudgetary
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DS9105 DS9101_sm
Branded iButton 0
$25.25 @1k
DS9105-SET DS9101_sm
Branded iButton Keypad Set
$24.05 @1k
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Technical Documents

App Note 5507 Understanding the DS1WM Synthesizable 1-Wire Bus Master

Quality and Environmental Data

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