Touch and Hold Probe Stampings

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The DS9100 touch and hold probe stampings' function is similar to the DS9098 iButton® retainer. An F5 MicroCan™ will fit completely into the DS9098, but the flange and about one-third of the can will extend out if pressed into the DS9100. As a probe, the DS9100A together with the coiled spring DS9100C allows reading iButtons on contact. With additional pressure, the stiff springs of the DS9100A's outer ring will deflect and grip the MicroCan sufficiently to provide a continuous contact to both the can rim (ground) and the can lid (data). If reading on contact is not required, the cantilever-type center contact DS9100B can be used rather than the DS9100C.

Key Features

  • Compact two-piece, all-metal receptacle for F5 MicroCan
  • Accepts two-thirds of the MicroCan (one-third of MicroCan will extend out)
  • Allows reading iButtons with either momentary or dwelled contact
  • Outer ring will hold MicroCan for dwelled contact
  • Two options for data contact: cantilever (DS9100B) or coiled spring (DS9100C)
  • >10000 insertion/withdrawal cycles with no performance degradation
  • Redundancy of contacts and high contact force ensure reliability
  • Probe withstands high temperatures required for printed circuit board (PCB) solder reflow operations
  • Material is stainless steel with selective tin lead plating for optimal solderability to PCB
  • Cleaning fluids drain freely for quick clean up

See parametric specs for iButton Readers and Adapters (24)

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Touch and Hold Probes

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Product Reliability Reports: DS9100.pdf 
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