4kbit Monetary iButton

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The DS1963 Monetary iButton® is a read/write portable database that can be accessed with minimal hardware. Up to four independent change purses can be randomly accessed from the on-chip directory. Each write cycle (monetary transaction) generates a unique number to audit the dispensing and refilling of the purses. The chip performs decrement transactions with less than 100ms touch dwell time for rapid processing in crowded public facilities.

The iButton communicates with a processor using 1-Wire® protocol through a hardware port interface. The port interface provides both the physical link and handles the communication protocols that enable the processor to access iButton resources with simple commands.

As an electronic purse and transaction counter, the DS1963 is used as a system of exchange and auditing control for vending machines, public transportation systems, and amusement parks. Beyond money, the DS1963 can carry encrypted data used in high-security access control or in other applications requiring tamper-proof data transport.

Key Features

  • Four data components:
    • 64-bit lasered ROM
    • 4096-bits NV RAM
    • Four 32-bit read-only, nonrollover page-write cycle counters
    • 256-bit scratchpad memory
  • 32 tamper-detect bits
  • On-chip 16-bit CRC generator
  • Communication speed up to 142kbits/sec
  • Operating range: -40°C to +70°C
  • > 10 years data retention

Technical Documents

App Note 155 1-Wire Software Resource Guide Device Description
Request Reliability Report for: DS1963L 
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