iButton Developer's Kit

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The DS1410K Developer's Kit contains all the software and hardware necessary to complete integration of the DS1410E iButton® Holder and corresponding iButtons into an application.

The software provided contains an object file (called the Access System), which must be linked with the application code to provide the communication path between the host and the DS1410E.

Documentation and examples in a variety of programming languages are also provided for reference. The DS1410E supports DOS, OS/2, Windows® 3.1/3.11/95/NT, and PC-UNIX® operating systems.

The kit also provides two different iButtons, a DS1410E iButton Holder, and optional accessories to extend the number of iButtons per holder or to provide convenient access. No other software or hardware is necessary to move into production. Simply choose the iButton(s) according to your scheme, link the object file with the application code, and purchase additional iButtons and holders on an as needed basis.

A Customer Registration Form is provided for easy access to free upgrades and discounts on the purchase of other Dallas Authorization Developer's kits.

Key Features

  • DS1410E Parallel Port Adapter
  • DS1402D-DB8 Blue Dot Receptor
  • DS1991 Multi iButton
  • DS1994 Time iButton
  • Software
  • Customer registration form
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