-80°C Temperature Data Logger with External Thermistor Probe

Industry Leading Temperature Data Logger for Use in Dry Ice Cold Chain Distribution Applications

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The MAX66960 is a temperature data logger that is ideally suited to monitor and log the ambient temperature of enclosures that use dry ice as a coolant. It consists of a precision logging module with a thermistor-based temperature probe that is permanently attached. In the application the temperature probe is inserted into the dry ice cooled area of a container and the logger module is placed in a container location isolated from the -78.5°C extremes created by the dry ice. An attached USB cable and connector provide the PC connection for setup of a logging mission and download of mission data.

MAX66960: Temperature Data Logger with External Thermistor Probe MAX66960: Temperature Data Logger with External Thermistor Probe Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Provides High-Quality Assessment of Storage Temperature Profiles
    • 16-Bit Temperature Measurements with Storage for 65,536 Time-Stamped Values
    • Flexibility to Monitor and Datalog Long Duration Shipments with Short-Duration Time Intervals
    • Rugged IP42 Construction Survives Harsh Environments
    • Meets CE EMC Directive of EN 61326-1
    • Tested for Portable Electronic Devices for Use on Airplanes per RTCA/DO-160G
  • Highly Configurable Options for Data Logging and Security
    • Optimize Logger Operation for Specific Shipment Conditions
    • Protect Settings and Data from Unauthorized Modification
  • Easy to Start/Stop Logging of Missions
    • Pushbuttons and LEDs for Control and Status
    • Visual Indication of Logger and Battery Status


  • Dry Ice Refrigerated Cold-Chain Verification
  • In-Transit Monitoring of Temperature-Sensitive Products
  • Time-Stamped Recording of Time/Temperature Excursions

Quality and Environmental Data

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