Evaluation Kit for the DS1925

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The DS1925EVKIT is a Thermochron iButton® starter kit that provides the basic hardware for a quick evaluation of Maxim’s Thermochron iButton family that communicates using the 1-Wire protocol. The kit uses a USB port of a PC running Windows® operation system. The kit includes DS1925L Thermochron iButton and all the hardware required to communicate with it. The DS1925L is a high-capacity Thermochron capable of 122K 8-bit readings or 61K 16-bit readings taken at equal distances. The easy setup process includes the free downloadable 1-Wire® drivers and the OneWireViewer demonstration software to communicate easily with iButtons through the PC’s USB port. Visit the download site for the free 1-Wire drivers and bundled OneWireViewer.

For developers who wish to create custom iButton ecosystems, Maxim provides iButton design resources with links for software resources and iButton accessories found here.

Key Features

  • Starter Kit Evaluates the DS1925L Thermochron iButton Temperature Recording Device with a Microsoft Windows-Based PC
  • Easy Setup with USB Adapter
  • Free Download of 1-Wire Drivers and OneWireViewer Demonstration Software
  • Compatible with Other Thermochron iButtons: DS1921, DS1922L, DS1922T, DS1922E, and DS1923 (Not Included)


  • Bio Science
  • Food Safety
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Products High-Temperature Logging (Process Monitoring, Industrial Monitoring)
  • Temperature Logging in Cold Chain
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Note : The failure rates are summarized by technology and mapped to the associated material part numbers. The failure rates are highly dependent on the number of units tested.

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