DeepCover Secure Authenticator with ISO 15693, I²C, SHA-256, and 4Kb User EEPROM

Industry's First SHA-256 Symmetric Key-Based Authenticator with I²C Master Port

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DeepCover® embedded security solutions cloak sensitive data under multiple layers of advanced physical security to provide the most secure key storage possible.

Our Secure Drug Delivery video shows how Maxim security products can be used to authenticate remote drug delivery.

The DeepCover Secure Authenticator (MAX66242) is a transponder IC that combines an ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO 18000-3 Mode 1-compatible RF front-end, an I2C front-end, a FIPS 180-based SHA-256 engine and 4096 bits of user EEPROM in a single chip. A bidirectional security model enforces two-way authentication between a host system and the MAX66242. Each device has its own guaranteed unique 64-bit ROM ID that is factory programmed into the chip. This ROM ID is used as a fundamental input parameter for cryptographic operations and serves as an electronic serial number within the application.

In addition to the RF interface, the MAX66242 also has an I2C interface, which can operate as a slave or master port. When acting as a master, the MAX66242 can gather information from a connected sensor or peripheral device and relay its data via the RF port. When acting as a slave, the device can serve as an intermediary between a connected host and an RF reader. The MAX66242 can harvest energy from an active RF field. The configurable supply output can deliver up to 5mA given adequate field strength.
MAX66242: Typical Application Circuit MAX66242: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Complete Counterfeit/Cloning/IP Protection Engine
    • SHA-256 Engine Runs a Symmetric Key-Based Bidirectional Secure Authentication
    • Strong Authentication Achieved with a High Bit Count, User-Programmable Secret, and Input Challenge
    • Batteryless RF Communication
    • 4096 Bits of User EEPROM with User-Programmable Memory
    • Memory R/W Protection Options Including OTP/EPROM Emulation Mode
    • Unique Factory-Programmed 64-Bit Identification Number
    • Integrated 32-Byte SRAM Buffer Enables Faster HF-to-I2C Transactions
  • Flexible Connection and Communication Capabilities Support a Wide Range of Applications
    • Programmable I/O (PIO) Can Be Configured as a Wake-Up or Monitoring/Control Signal
    • HF Standards ISO/IEC 15693 and 18000-3 MODE1 Compatible (13.56 MHz ±7kHz Carrier Frequency)
    • I2C Interface—Master/Slave Port Eliminates Host Microcontroller for Sensor-Tag Applications
    • Energy Harvesting VOUT Pin for Powering External Components
    • Optional 3.3V Supply Voltage Fits Line and Battery-Powered Applications
    • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Enables Robust Design
    • ±4kV HBM ESD Protection on PIO, ±2kV on All Other Pins


  • Access Control
  • Asset Tracking
  • Medical Sensor Authentication and Calibration
  • Printer Cartridge Configuration and Monitoring
  • System Intellectual Property Protection
Part NumberProtocolFunctionsApplicationsMemory TypeMemory SizeSecurity FeaturesOper. Temp.
MAX66242 ISO15693Tag
Access Control
Asset Tracking
Electronic Access Control
IP Protection
Medical Sensor Authentication and Calibration
Printer Cartridge Configuration and Monitoring
System Intellectual Property Protection
4K bits
4K x 1
Write-Only Secrets
-20 to +85
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Part NumberCrypto EngineBus TypeVSUPPLY
Deep CoverPackage/Pins
MAX66242 Symmetric
ISO 15693
2.97 to 3.63Yes
SOIC (N)/8
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MAX66242EVKIT: Tag Evaluation Kit for the MAX66242, Requires NFC Reader
MAX66300-24XEVKIT: Reader and Tag Evaluation Kit for the MAX66300/MAX66240/MAX66242

CAD Symbols and Footprints

  • MAX66242ETB-A+
  • MAX66242ETB-A+T
  • MAX66242ISA-A+
  • MAX66242ISA-A+T
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