Evaluation System for the DS28E35

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The DS28E35 evaluation system (EV system) provides the hardware and software necessary to exercise the features of the DS28E35 and DS2475. The EV system consists of a five DS28E35 devices in a 6-pin TSOC package, a DS9120PA evaluation TSOC socket board, DS28E35 plug-in module, and a DS28E35+ USB-to-1-Wire® adapter. The evaluation software runs under Windows® 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, and Windows XP® operating systems, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It provides a handy user interface to exercise the features of the DS28E35 and DS2475.

Key Features

  • Demonstrates the Features of the DS28E35 DeepCover 1-Wire ECDSA Authenticator with 1Kb User EEPROM
  • Demonstrates the Features of the DS2475 DeepCover ECDSA Coprocessor with 1-Wire Master
  • I2C and 1-Wire Sequences Are Logged to Aid Firmware Designers’ Understanding of DS2475 and DS28E35
  • 1-Wire USB Adapter Creates a Virtual COM Port on Any PC
  • Fully Compliant with USB Specification v2.0
  • Software Runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, 32-bit and 64-bit Versions
  • 3.3V ±3% 1-Wire Operating Voltage
  • Convenient On-Board Test Points, TSOC, and TO-92 Sockets
  • Evaluation Software Available by Request
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Note : The failure rates are summarized by technology and mapped to the associated material part numbers. The failure rates are highly dependent on the number of units tested.

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