Security Manager NDA Information

Before we can provide most documentation on Maxim's security managers, a mutual nondisclosure agreement (NDA) must be executed between our companies. This document will protect the confidential information of both your company and Maxim. 

If you are interested in obtaining more information on Maxim's security managers, contact Maxim's Security and Authentication business unit.

Security Manager NDA FAQs

A mutual NDA is a legal document, signed by both companies, that requires both parties to keep specific information secret. Any information our companies share that is covered by an NDA is confidential and cannot be given to other companies or vendors.

Because of the protective nature of Maxim's security managers, documentation on these products can only be viewed once an NDA is executed. An NDA is required to control the dissemination of information about such devices. It is meant to protect both parties.

Quick view sheets and product previews are available without an NDA. The security managers' product matrix also explains the basic functions of each device. These documents are generally available on Maxim's website. In addition, there are application notes available without an NDA, but these articles do not discuss details of our security managers’ security capabilities.

No, samples and documentation both require an NDA.

Current products that require an NDA for detailed documentation include the DS3600, DS3605, DS3640, DS3641, DS3644, DS3645, DS3650, DS3655, DS3660, MAX36025, MAX36045, and MAX36051.

You can print copies of the documentation and make backups of the CD for internal use only.