DeepCover Embedded Security Technology

Advanced protection for your embedded system

The world is becoming more connected every day. Security has become a requirement for many applications, including internet of things (IoT) devices. At the same time, malicious hackers are becoming more sophisticated than ever as they build advanced attack scenarios to infiltrate IoT devices. Trusted platforms, IP protection, secure download, and secure communication are the most frequent requirements for IoT node security.

DeepCover® embedded security solutions allow you to easily protect your entire system. Secure device authentication, secure boot, and robust cryptography ensure your platforms are trustworthy. DeepCover embedded security ICs with ChipDNA PUF technology deliver strong protection against invasive physical attacks. Beyond silicon, we provide reference schematics, drivers, middleware, communication stacks, and support to enable fast time to market. Our system approach guarantees a higher security level, including secure factory programming and key management.

DeepCover Secure Microcontrollers

DeepCover Secure Microcontrollers integrate advanced cryptography and hardware-based security to offer the highest level of protection against physical tampering and reverse engineering.

Our proprietary active tamper reaction technology instantaneously wipes out the keys and secrets of devices during attempted tampering, enabling a security level of FIPS 140-2 level 3 or 4. For applications that cannot accommodate a battery, DeepCover secure micros based on tamper-proof EEPROM are available.
DeepCover Secure Microcontrollers 

The DeepCover Security Framework protects payment terminals and internet of things (IoT) devices from both local and remote attacks, even if weaknesses are exploited in the communications stack, by enabling a trusted environment on an Arm® Cortex®-M open platform.

DeepCover Secure Authenticators

DeepCover Secure Authenticators implement advanced physical security to provide the ultimate in low-cost IP protection, clone prevention, and peripheral authentication. The core set of fixed-function crypto operations and secure key storage are supplemented with options including secure download/boot processing, protected nonvolatile memory for end application use, secure GPIO, decrement-only counters, session key generation, true random number source, and encrypted read/write of stored data. Devices with the 1-Wire® interface are ideal for connecting to nontraditional form factors such as printer cartridges, medical disposables, and battery packs.

Secure Authenticators with ChipDNA PUF Technology
ChipDNA technology—based on a physically unclonable function (PUF)—provides an exponential increase in protection against invasive and reverse engineering attacks. In our ChipDNA authenticators, the PUF circuit relies on the naturally occurring random analog characteristics of fundamental MOSFET devices to produce cryptographic keys, making it immune to all known invasive attack tools and capabilities. In addition to the protection benefits, ChipDNA simplifies or eliminates the need for secure IC key management.

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DeepCover ChipDNA Secure Authenticators 

DeepCover Secure Authenticators 

DeepCover Security Managers

DeepCover Security Managers combine advanced hardware-based security with on-chip, non-imprinting memory to safeguard sensitive data, including secrets and private keys, from the slightest physical or environmental tampering.

DeepCover Security Managers