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Authentication Advisor

Asymmetric Authentication

Based on your selections, we recommend the DS28E35 DeepCover® ECDSA Authenticator.
In the typical system configuration the microcontroller authenticates the DS28E35. If the DS28E35 is found to be authentic, then the System Function can execute. If not authentic, the microcontroller takes appropriate action.

Learn more about the authentication sequence

DS28E35 Demo Stick
DS28E35 Demo Stick
Looking to see DS28E35 authentication in action? This demo clearly shows how a product is validated or denied using secure authentication. Note, this is a demonstration and is not meant to be a fully functional evaluation kit. For the evaluation kit, refer to the below ‘Evaluation Kit’ link.

DS28E35 DeepCover Secure Authenticator with 1-Wire ECDSA
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Solution Benefits

  • Asymmetric authentication algorithm provides very strong security for systems where secure host (microcontroller) key storage is difficult or impossible
  • Dependable management tool for utilizing multiple contract manufacturers or licensing products
  • Single-Contact 1-Wire Interface