DS1216B, DS1216C, DS1216D, DS1216E, DS1216F, DS1216H

SmartWatch RAM DS1216B/C/D/H
SmartWatch ROM DS1216E/F


The DS1216 SmartWatch RAM and SmartWatch ROM sockets are 600-mil-wide DIP sockets with a built-in CMOS watch function, an NV RAM controller circuit, and an embedded lithium energy source. The sockets provide an NV RAM solution for memory sized from 2k x 8 to 512k x 8 with package sizes from 26 pins to 32 pins. When a socket is mated with a CMOS SRAM, it provides a complete solution to problems associated with memory volatility and uses a common energy source to maintain time and date. The SmartWatch ROM sockets use the embedded lithium source to maintain the time and date only. A key feature of the SmartWatch is that the watch function remains transparent to the RAM. The SmartWatch monitors VCC for an out-of-tolerance condition. When such a condition occurs, an internal lithium energy source is automatically switched on and write protection is unconditionally enabled to prevent loss of watch and RAM data.
DS1216, DS1216B, DS1216C, DS1216D, DS1216E, DS1216F, DS1216H: Typical Operating Circuit DS1216, DS1216B, DS1216C, DS1216D,
DS1216E, DS1216F, DS1216H: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Keeps Track of Hundredths of Seconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Date of the Month, Months, and Years
  • Converts Standard 2k x 8 Up to 512k x 8 CMOS Static RAMs into Nonvolatile Memory
  • Embedded Lithium Energy Cell Maintains Watch Information and Retains RAM Data
  • Watch Function is Transparent to RAM Operation
  • Automatic Leap Year Compensation Valid Up to 2100
  • Lithium Energy Source is Electrically Disconnected to Retain Freshness Until Power is Applied for the First Time
  • Proven Gas-Tight Socket Contacts
  • Full ±10% Operating Range
  • Accuracy Better Than ±1 Minute/Month at +25°C

Quality and Environmental Data

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