Maxim's microcontrollers provide low-power, efficient, and secure solutions for challenging embedded applications. Our 16-/32-bit processors embed cutting-edge technologies to secure data and intellectual property, proven analog circuitry for real-world applications, and battery-conserving low power operation.  Select from Maxim’s MAXQ low-power microcontrollers or Maxim’s general purpose microcontrollers.

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MAXREFDES155#: DeepCover Embedded Security in an IoT: Public-Key Secured Data Paths

DeepCover Secure Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller

  • ARM® Cortex M3 Processor Core Allows for Easy Integration into Applications
  • Security Features Facilitate System-Level Protection
  • Integrated Peripherals Reduce External Component Count

DeepCover Cryptographic Controller for Embedded Devices

  • Advanced Cryptographic Tool Box Seamlessly Supports Highly Secure Key Storage
  • No Firmware Development Required Significantly Reduces Time to Market
  • High-Level Functions Simplify SSL/TLS/DTLS Implementations

Type ID Title
System Board5896MAXREFDES39#: Power Amplifier Biasing through MAX11300 PIXI IC
Reference Circuit5684High-Performance Temperature Measurement Using Thermocouples and Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs, Part 2
System Board5672Fit 1 Vital Signs Monitoring Shirt
Reference Circuit5610High-Performance, High-Accuracy 4-20mA Current-Loop Transmitter Meets Toughest Industrial Requirements
Reference Circuit5523Liquid-Level Control and Delivery System Uses a Compensated Silicon Pressure Sensor and Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs, Part 2
Reference Circuit5406LFRD004: 2-Way Remote Control Reference Design
Reference Circuit5404LFRD003: Water Meter Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Reference Design
Reference Circuit5391LFRD002: Wireless Automatic Meter Reading Reference Design
Reference Circuit5387QAM Reference Design Using the MAX5880 Modulator and MAX5882 RF DAC
Reference Circuit5366LFRD001: MAX1472/MAX1473/MAXQ610 Remote Keyless Entry Reference Design
Reference Circuit5319Liquid-Level Measurement System Uses a Compensated Silicon Pressure Sensor and Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs, Part 1
Reference Circuit5244Modern PRTD Temperature Sensors and High-Resolution Delta-Sigma ADCs Enable Wide Range High-Accuracy Temperature Measurements
Reference Circuit5150Simple Wireless Temperature Monitor Also Has Data-Logging Capabilities
Reference Circuit4663Reference Design for an Energy Meter Using the MAXQ3180/MAXQ3183 AFEs
Reference Circuit4379Display Different LED Sequences Using the MAXQ2000 Microcontroller with the MAX6970 LED Driver
Reference Circuit4267Proven Implementations of the I²C Bus
Reference Circuit4206Choosing the Right 1-Wire® Master for Embedded Applications
Reference Circuit4195Selecting SPI Clock Modes for Interfacing the MAX1132 ADC with the MAXQ2000 Microcontroller
Reference Circuit4091Reference Design for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Midspan or Endpoint Insertion

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