iButton 16Kb Memory


The iButton® 16Kb memory (DS1995) operates nearly identically to the DS1996. The main differences are: 16Kb of memory organized as 64 pages of 32 bytes and a family code of 0A hexadecimal. For further details please refer to the DS1996 data sheet.

Key Features

  • 16384 bits of read/write nonvolatile memory
  • 256-bit scratchpad ensures integrity of data transfer
  • Overdrive mode boosts communication to 142kbps
  • Memory partitioned into 256-bit pages for packetizing data
  • Data integrity assured with strict read/write protocols
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C
  • Over 10 years of data retention
Part Number Technology Applications Memory Type Memory Size Unique Ware Real Time Clock Budgetary
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DS1995  iButton Asset Management NV SRAM 16K bits No No $7.50 @1k
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