USB-to-SPI Interface Adapter for SC2200

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SC-USB-SPI2# is an adapter used for converting a computer’s USB interface connection to the serial parallel interface (SPI) used by the SC2200. This is not required for operating the SC2200 evaluation kits. It is only recommended for prototypes debug and/or programming linearizer during manufacturing (if no other means available such as onboard micro controller).

Only two connections are required for use with the SC2200 and no external power supply is required. The USB connection from the host computer is made through a standard USB 2.0 cable – a male-to-micro-USB B connected to female connector, J20, on SC-USB-SPI2#. The interface connection between the board containing the SC2200 and the SC-USB-SPI2# adapter is through J1.

This adapter can only be used to run one instance of the SC2200 GUI at a time. Conflicts will occur when running multiple SC2200 GUIs trying to open the same SPI communication pipe.

Typical Operating Temperature: +25°C


  • Amplifier: Class A/AB, Doherty
  • Average PA Output Power Examples: Cellular Infrastructure: 27dBm to 40dBm
  • BTS Amplifiers, RRH, Booster Amplifiers, Repeaters, Small Cells, Microcells, Picocells, DAS, AAS and MIMO Systems
  • Cellular Infrastructure
  • PA Process: LDMOS, GaN, HBT, GaAs and InGaP
  • Single/Multicarrier, Multistandard: CDMA/EVDO, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, WCDMA/HSDPA, LTE, and TD-LTE
  • Wide Range of PAs and Output Power
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