300MHz to 450MHz ASK Receiver with Internal IF Filter

Provides Excellent Receive Sensitivity, While Reducing the Overall
Component Count and System Cost


The MAX7036 low-cost receiver is designed to receive amplitude-shift-keyed (ASK) and on-off-keyed (OOK) data in the 300MHz to 450MHz frequency range. The receiver has an RF input signal range of -109dBm to 0dBm.

The MAX7036 requires few external components and has a power-down pin to put it in a low-current sleep mode, making it ideal for cost- and power-sensitive applications. The low-noise amplifier (LNA), phase-locked loop (PLL), mixer, IF filter, received-signal-strength indicator (RSSI), and baseband sections are all on-chip. The MAX7036 uses a very-low intermediate frequency (VLIF) architecture. The MAX7036 integrates the IF filter on-chip and therefore eliminates an external ceramic filter, reducing the bill-of-materials cost. The device also contains an on-chip automatic gain control (AGC) that reduces the LNA gain by 30dB when the input signal power is large. The MAX7036 operates from either a 5V or a 3.3V power supply and draws 5.5mA (typ) of current.

The MAX7036 is available in a 20-pin thin QFN package with an exposed pad and is specified over the AEC-Q100 Level 2 (-40°C to +105°C) temperature range.
MAX7036: Typical Application Circuit MAX7036: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • ASK/OOK Modulation
  • < 250µs Enable Turn-On Time
  • On-Chip PLL, VCO, Mixer, IF, Baseband
  • Low IF (200kHz Nominal)
  • 5.5mA DC Current
  • 1µA Standby Current
  • 3.3V/5V Operation
  • Small 20-Pin Thin QFN Package with an Exposed Pad


  • Garage Door Openers
  • Home Automation
  • Low-Cost RKE
  • Remote Controls
  • Security Systems
  • Sensor Networks
Part Number ISUPPLY
Applications Solutions Band/ Freq.
Package/Pins Budgetary
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MAX7036  5.5
Garage Door Openers
Remote Controls
Remote Keyless Entry
Security Systems
Wireless Computer
Wireless Sensors
300MHz to 450MHz 300 to 450
$0.83 @1k
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MAX7036EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX7036

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