300MHz–960MHz (G)FSK Transmitter with I2C Interface

High Output Power for Long Range, with Low Current Consumption - Fully Programmable at a Low Implementation Cost

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The MAX41463/MAX41464 is a UHF sub-GHz ISM/SRD transmitter designed to transmit Frequency-Shift Keying (FSK), or Gaussian (G)FSK (or 2GFSK) data in the 286MHz to 960MHz frequency range. It integrates a fractional phase-locked-loop (PLL) so that a single, low-cost crystal can be used to generate commonly used world-wide sub-GHz frequencies. The fast response time of the PLL allows for frequency-hopping spread spectrum protocols for increased range and security. The chip also features preset modes with pin-selectable frequencies so that only one wire is required for an external microcontroller interface. The only frequency-dependent components required are for the external antenna-matching network. A buffered clock-out signal at 800kHz is also provided. Optionally, the device can be put into programmable mode and programmed using an I2C interface. The crystal-based architecture of the MAX41463/MAX41464 eliminates many of the common problems with SAW-based transmitters by providing greater modulation depth, faster frequency settling, higher tolerance of the transmit frequency, and reduced temperature dependence.

The MAX41463/MAX41464 provides output power up to +13dBm into a 50Ω load while drawing < 12mA at 315MHz. The output load can be adjusted to increase power up to +16dBm, and a PA boost mode can be enabled at frequencies above 850MHz to compensate for losses. The PA output power can also be controlled using programmable register settings in I2C mode.

The MAX41463/MAX41464 also features single-supply operation from +1.8V to +3.6V. The device has an auto-shutdown feature to extend battery life and a fast oscillator wake-up with data activity detection.

The MAX41463/MAX41464 is available in a 10-pin µMAX package and is specified over the −40℃ to +105℃ extended temperature range.

MAX41463, MAX41464: Simplified Block Diagram MAX41463, MAX41464: Simplified Block Diagram Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Low Implementation Cost
    • Bits-to-RF Single Wire Operation
    • Low Bill-of-Materials (BOM)
    • Uses Single, Low-Cost, 16MHz Crystal
    • Small 3mm × 3mm µMAX-10 Package
  • Increased Range, Data Rates, and Security
    • Up to +16dBm PA Output Power
    • Fast Frequency Switching for FHSS/DSSS
    • Fast-On Oscillator: <250µs Startup Time
    • Up to 200kbps NRZ Data Rate
  • Extend Battery Life with Low Supply Current
    • < 12mA Typical Current Consumption at 315MHz
    • Selectable Standby and Shutdown Modes
    • Auto Shutdown at < 20nA (typ) Current
  • Ease-of-Use
    • Pin-Selectable Frequencies
    • Pin-Compatible ASK and FSK Versions
    • +1.8V to +3.6V Single-Supply Operation
    • Fully Programmable with 400kHz/1MHz I2C Interface


  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Building Automation and Security
  • Garage Door Openers (GDO)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Radio Control Toys
  • Remote and Passive Keyless Entry (RKE/PKE)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
  • Wireless Sensors and Alarms
Part NumberSolutionsApplicationsBand/ Freq.
(mm x mm)
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MAX41463 300 to 960MHz ISM RF
Garage Door Openers
Home Automation
ISM (Europe)
RF Remote Controls
Security Systems
300 to 9603.0 x 3.0
$0.66 @1k
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MAX41464EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX41463/MAX41464
MAX41464EVKIT-868: Evaluation Kit for the MAX41463/MAX41464
MAX41460EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX41460, MAX41461, MAX41462, MAX41463, MAX41464
MAX41461EVKIT-315: Evaluation Kit for the MAX41460, MAX41461, MAX41462, MAX41463, MAX41464
MAX41462EVKIT-434: Evaluation Kit for the MAX41460, MAX41461, MAX41462, MAX41463, MAX41464
MAX41463EVKIT-915: Evaluation Kit for the MAX41460, MAX41461, MAX41462, MAX41463, MAX41464

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Additional Resources

Powering Up the MAX41464 300MHz–960MHz ASK (G)FSK Transmitter

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