Direct-Conversion TV Tuner

Silicon TV Tuner Saves Power, Eliminates SAW Filters

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The MAX3580 fully integrated, direct-conversion TV tuner is designed for Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) applications. The integrated tuner covers a 170MHz to 230MHz input frequency range for the VHF-III band and 470MHz to 878MHz for the UHF band.

The MAX3580 direct-conversion tuner integrates an RF input switch and a multiband tracking filter, allowing low-power tuner-on-board applications without the cost and power-dissipation issues of dual-conversion tuner solutions. The zero-IF architecture eliminates the need for SAW filters by providing baseband I and Q outputs directly to the demodulator. In addition, DC-offset cancellation is implemented on-chip using a mixed-signal architecture to improve the second-order distortion performance and the dynamic range of the downstream digitizer and demodulator.

The MAX3580 features dynamic gain control of more than 76dB and a typical midband noise figure of 4.7dB referred to the LNA input. The VCO architecture optimizes both in-band and wideband phase noise for OFDM applications where sensitivity to both 1kHz phase noise and wideband phase noise related to strong adjacents can be a problem.

The MAX3580 communicates using a 2-wire serial bus. The device operates from a typical +3.3V power supply and dissipates 650mW. The MAX3580 is available in a small 32-pin thin QFN package (5mm x 5mm) with an exposed paddle.
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Key Features

  • 650mW Power Dissipation (at VCC = +3.3V)
  • I and Q Baseband Outputs Eliminate All IF-SAW Filters
  • Integrated RF Tracking Filters
  • Tunable Baseband Lowpass Filters
  • Full-Band VHF-III and UHF Tuning
  • +38dB Digital ACPR, +47dB Analog ACPR
  • Low Noise Figure: 4.7dB (typ)
  • Frac-N Synthesizer for -90dBc/Hz Close-In Phase Noise
  • +3.1V to +3.5V Supply Voltage Range
  • Ultra-Small, 5mm x 5mm Thin QFN Package


  • Digital Televisions
  • Digital Terrestrial Set-Tops
  • Laptop Televisions
  • USB Peripherals
Product Reliability Reports: MAX3580.pdf 
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