250MHz to 12.4GHz, High-Performance, Fractional/Integer-N PLL

High-Frequency PLL Breaks New Performance Barriers


The MAX2880 is a high-performance phase-locked loop (PLL) capable of operating in both integer-N and fractional-N modes. Combined with an external reference oscillator, loop filter, and VCO, the device forms an ultra-low noise and low-spur frequency synthesizer capable of accepting RF input frequencies of up to 12.4GHz.

The MAX2880 consists of a high-frequency and low-noise-phase frequency detector (PFD), precision charge pump, 10-bit programmable reference counter, 16-bit integer N counter, and 12-bit variable modulus fractional modulator.

The MAX2880 is controlled by a 3-wire serial interface and is compatible with 1.8V control logic. The device is available in a lead-free, RoHS-compliant, 20-pin TQFN and 16-pin TSSOP packages, and operates over an extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

MAX2880: Functional Diagram MAX2880: Functional Diagram Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Integer and Fractional-N Modes
  • 250MHz to 12.4GHz Broadband RF Input
  • Normalized In-Band Noise Floor
    • -229dBc/Hz in Integer Mode
    • -227dBc/Hz in Fractional Mode
  • -10dBm to +5dBm Wide Input Sensitivity
  • Low-Noise Phase Frequency Detector
    • 125MHz in Fractional Mode
    • 140MHz in Integer Mode
  • Reference Frequency Up to 210MHz
  • Operates from +2.8V to +3.6V Supply
  • Cycle Slip Reduction and Fast Lock
  • Software and Hardware Shutdown
  • Software Lock Detect
  • On-Chip Temperature Sensor
  • Compatible with +1.8V Control Logic
  • Phase Adjustment


  • Microwave Point-to-Point Systems
  • RF DAC and ADC Clocks
  • Satellite Communications
  • Test and Measurement
  • Wireless Infrastructure
Part Number Synthesizer Mode VSUPPLY
Oper. Freq.
Oper. Freq.
Inband Noise Floor
RMS Jitter
(ps RMS)
Package/Pins Oper. Temp.
min max typ See Notes
3.0 to 3.6 250 12400 -229 0.14
-40 to +85 $6.11 @1k
See All PLLs/PLLs with Integrated VCO (3)
Pricing Notes:
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MAX2880EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX2880

Quality and Environmental Data

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Tools & Models

MAX2880 EVKIT Software

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