5GHz, 4-Channel MIMO Transmitter

High-Performing, Cost-Effective RF Design for Wireless HD Video (WHDI) Enabling Longer Range and Better Video Reception

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The MAX2850 is a single-chip, 4-channel RF transmitter IC designed for 5GHz wireless HDMI applications. The IC includes all circuitry required to implement the complete 4-channel MIMO RF transmitter function and crystal oscillator, providing a fully integrated transmit path, VCO, frequency synthesis, and baseband/control interface. It includes a fast-settling, sigma-delta RF fractional synthesizer with 76Hz frequency programming step size. The IC also integrates on-chip I/Q amplitude and phase-error calibration circuits. Dynamic on/off control of four external PAs is implemented with programmable precision voltages. A 4-to-1 analog mux routes external PA power-detect voltages to the RSSI pin.

On-chip monolithic filters are included for transmitter I/Q baseband signal reconstruction to support both 20MHz and 40MHz RF channels. The baseband filtering and Tx signal paths are optimized to meet stringent WHDI requirements. The upconverter local oscillator is coherent among all the transmitter channels.

The reverse-link control channel uses an on-chip 5GHz OFDM receiver. It shares the RF synthesizer and LO generation circuit with the MIMO transmitters. The receiver includes both an in-channel RSSI and an RF RSSI.

The MIMO transmitter chip is housed in a small, 68-pin thin QFN leadless plastic package with exposed pad.

Key Features

  • 5GHz 4x MIMO Downlink Transmitters, Single Uplink IEEE 802.11a Receiver
    • 4900MHz to 5900MHz Frequency Range
    • -5dBm Transmit Power (54Mbps OFDM)
    • Coherent LO Among Transmitters
    • 31dB Tx Gain-Control Range with 0.5dB Step Size, Digitally Controlled
    • Tx/Rx I/Q Error and LO Leakage Detection and Adjustment
    • Programmable 20MHz/40MHz Tx I/Q Lowpass Anti-Aliasing Filter
    • 4-to-1 Analog Mux for PA Power Detect
    • 4-Channel PA On/Off Control
    • 4.5dB Rx Noise Figure
    • 70dB Rx Gain-Control Range with 2dB Step Size, Digitally Controlled
    • 60dB Dynamic Range Receiver RSSI
    • RF Wideband Receiver RSSI
    • Programmable 20MHz/40MHz Rx I/Q Lowpass Channel Filters
    • Sigma-Delta Fractional-N PLL with 76Hz Resolution
    • Monolithic Low-Noise VCO with -35dBc Integrated Phase Noise
    • 4-Wire SPI™ Digital Interface
    • I/Q Analog Baseband Interface
    • Digital Tx/Rx Mode Control
    • On-Chip Digital Temperature Sensor Readout
    • Complete Baseband Interface
    • Digital Tx/Rx Mode Control
  • +2.7V to +3.6V Supply Voltage
  • Small, 68-Pin Thin QFN Package (10mm x 10mm)


  • 5GHz Beam Steering Transmitter
  • 5GHz FDD Backhaul and WiMax™
  • 5GHz MIMO Transmitter Up to Four Spatial Streams
  • 5GHz Wireless HDMI (WHDI)

See parametric specs for RF Transceivers > 1GHz (11)

Part NumberApplicationsDuplex MethodFrequency Range
InputsOutputsTx OIP3 Power
Rx Noise Figure
OFDM4900 to 58751 Rx4 Tx-54.5
1 Tx: 188
4 Tx: 505
Rx: 135

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MAX2850EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX2850

Tools & Models

  • MAX2850 IBIS Model
  • Product Reliability Reports: MAX2850.pdf 
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