Femto-Basestation Bits-to-RF Radio Transmitter

Industry-Leading Complete Digital Bits-to-PA Out Transmit Subsystem for UMTS Band II and V Femto Basestations

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The MAX2597 complete monolithic Bands II and V direct-conversion I/Q transmitter is designed for downlink WCDMA and forward link cdma2000® femto-basestation transmitter applications.

The unique bits-to-RF architecture of the MAX2597 integrates a power amplifier (PA), a quadrature mixer, variable-gain RF and baseband amplifiers, baseband filters, I and Q digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and a fractional-N frequency synthesizer for local oscillator (LO) generation. Data is transferred from the baseband/DSP to the radio by a digital 1-bit sigma-delta modulated I and Q bit stream through an LVDS-like interface. The operating mode of the radio is fully programmable by a 3-wire serial interface.

The MAX2597 is specified for operation in the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range and is available in a 9mm x 9mm x 1.4mm fcLGA package with exposed pad (EP).
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Key Features

  • Complete Digital Bits-to-RF Output Tx Radio Subsystem
  • +19dBm at -52dBc ACLR with 16-Channel Downlink in Band II
  • Supports Downlink WCDMA in Bands II and V
  • MAX-PHY Digital Tx Interface with Single-Bit I and Q Bit Streams
  • 67dB Integrated Power Control Range
  • Complete Reference Design Incorporating MAX2557 Receiver Available
  • On-Chip Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers for LO Generation
  • Operation Controlled Entirely by 3-Wire Serial Interface; No Analog Control Signals Necessary
  • Two General-Purpose Digital Outputs Programmable Through 3-Wire Serial Interface
  • 9mm x 9mm Module Includes Final Stage Matching


  • Band Class 0 and 1 cdma2000 Femto Base Station
  • Band II and V WCDMA Femto Basestation
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