WCDMA Upconverter and PA Driver with Power Control

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The MAX2383 upconverter and PA driver IC is designed for emerging ARIB (Japan) and ETSI-UMTS (Europe) W-CDMA applications. The IC includes an upconversion mixer with variable gain control, an LO buffer, and a variable-gain PA driver for output power control.

The MAX2383 is designed to support the IMT-2000 frequency band. It includes a differential IF input port, an LO input port, and PA driver input/output ports. The upconverter mixer incorporates an AGC with over 30dB of gain control. The IC provides automatic throttle-back of PA driver and mixer current as output power is reduced. The main signal path and the LO buffer can be shutdown independently. The on-chip LO buffer can be kept ON while the main transmitter path is being turned on and off to minimize VCO pulling during TX gated-transmission.

The MAX2383 is specified for +2.7V to +3.0V single supply and is housed in an ultra-miniature 3 x 4 UCSP™ package for optimum cost- and space-reduction and for best RF performance. The IC is targeted for the 2270MHz to 2580MHz LO frequency range. It is fabricated using an advanced high-frequency bipolar process. The mixer and PA driver linearity have been optimized to provide excellent RF performance in the 1920MHz to 1980MHz band, while drawing minimal current. The mixer's performance is optimized for a -10dBm ±3dB LO drive at the LO buffer input port. The LO port can be configured to be driven either single-ended or differentially.

The MAX2383 achieves excellent noise and image suppression without the use of an interstage TX SAW bandpass filter, thereby saving valuable board space, cost, and supply current. For LNA and downconverter mixer companion ICs, see the MAX2387/MAX2388/MAX2389 data sheet.

Key Features

  • +6dBm Output Power with -46dBc ACPR
  • Ultra-Miniature UCSP Package
  • Upconverter Gain-Control Range: 35dB
  • Automatic Dynamic Current Control
  • 12mA Quiescent Supply Current
  • On-Chip LO Buffer with Disable
  • Low Out-of-Band Noise Power in RX Band:
    • < -144dBm/Hz at +6dBm POUT
  • No Interstage TX SAW Bandpass Filter Required


  • Chinese 3G Cellular Phones (TD-SCDMA)
  • European 3G Cellular Phones (UMTS)
  • Japanese 3G Cellular Phones (ARIB)
  • PCS Phones

Technical Documents

Tutorial 5100 General Layout Guidelines for RF and Mixed-Signal PCBs
Request Reliability Report for: MAX2383 
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