22kHz Startup Receiver and 3D Transponder

Industry's Highest Performing, Longest Range Smart Key Solution

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The MAX2153 is a combined ultra-low-power, 3D, low-frequency startup receiver and 3D LF transponder. The startup receiver continuously monitors the LF input pins for a preconfigured wake-up and synchronization pattern while in its ultra-low-power operating mode. Upon receiving the wake-up pattern additional internal and external circuits can be activated. Additional payload data can also be received and stored in on-chip data buffers.

The transponder can be supplied from the received field and provides an additional wake-up and receiving path. The transponder also provides a transmit function that actively stimulates the external resonant antenna.

For improved performance, 22kHz bi-phase shift keying is used for both the startup receiver and the transponder. Data rates are programmable from 5.46kbps to 1.37kbps.

For configuration and control purposes, the MAX2153 includes an 8051 type CPU and 2KB RAM. The configuration and firmware are stored in an on-chip 64kB FLASH memory. The CPU and associated functions are run at configurable clock rates of up to 16MHz.

The MAX2153 supports configurable GPIO with the ability to drive LED. The GPIO can also be used for wake-up functionality.

Key Features

  • Maximizes Battery Life
    • Ultra-Low Current Consumes Only 5.3μA While Waiting for Pattern on 3 Channels
  • Maximizes Communication Range
    • Wake-Up Sensitivity 100μVP-P, Configurable Down to 50μVP-P
    • BPSK Modulation Enables Maximum Energy Transfer to Key During Transponder Data Communication
  • Extends Cockpit Design Options
    • 3D Transponder Does Not Need Fixed Position Compared to Transmitting Coil
    • Active Transmitter Improves Operational Range
  • Maximizes PCB Area
    • 5mm x 5mm, 32-Pin TQFN Package
    • On-Chip Microcontroller, RAM, and FLASH/Program Memory
    • On-Chip AES Crypto Engine


  • Car Access Systems
  • Emergency Keys without Battery
  • Keyfobs with RKE/KGO Functionality
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