INTF3000 Interface Board for EV Kits Requiring SPI/Parallel to USB Interface

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The INTF3000 interface board is designed to facilitate the interfacing of Maxim’s evaluation kit (EV) boards to any personal computer (PC) through the USB port.

There are three different connectors on the INTF3000 interface board available to communicate with the EV board: INTF2300, INTF2400, and DB25 (LPT) parallel connector. The INTF2400 connector is intended for new designs, while the INTF2300, INTF2400, and DB25 parallel connector can support legacy EV boards that are already configured for one of these types of interfaces. It must be noted that legacy EV boards that were designed to com- municate with the PC through DB25 parallel port must also have an updated control software which supports the INTF3000 interface board.

All three connectors on INTF3000 interface board sup- port logic levels from 2V to 5V. The INTF3000 requires no special driver installations on the host PC. The board connects to the PC with a standard USB cable.

Key Features

  • Parallel Port-to-USB Interface
  • Serial port interface (SPI) to USB Interface
  • Supports Wide Voltage Range: 2V — 5V
  • INTF2400 Connector Compatible with Old INTF2400 LPT Port Boards
  • Addressing Enables the Use of up to Four Boards on a Single PC
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