Wireless and RF

Maxim supplies high-integration and building block level high-performance wireless and RF ICs. Our solutions address critical wireless and radio functions within the telecom, cable, and automotive markets.

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RF to Bits Automotive Radio Tuner

  • RF to Bits Architecture with I2S Output
  • Single Supply Voltage of +3.3V
  • Integrated VHF Band-III Loop-Through

Universal GNSS Receiver

  • GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou Systems
  • Dual-Input Selectable LNA for Separate Passive and Active Antenna Inputs
  • 1.4dB Cascaded Noise Figure and 110dB of Cascaded Gain with Gain Control Range of 59dB From PGA

Type ID Title
Reference Circuit5390LFRD014: Tube Motor Receiver Reference Design
Reference Circuit5387QAM Reference Design Using the MAX5880 Modulator and MAX5882 RF DAC
Reference Circuit5366LFRD001: MAX1472/MAX1473/MAXQ610 Remote Keyless Entry Reference Design
Reference Circuit5364Femtocell Radio Reference Designs Using the MAX2550–MAX2553 Transceivers
Reference Circuit5150Simple Wireless Temperature Monitor Also Has Data-Logging Capabilities
Reference Circuit463REP019: Tuned Dual-Band Front-End CDMA IC with Single 110MHz IF
Reference Circuit459REP020: Dual-Band Dual-Mode FE IC with Common 210MHz IF
Reference Circuit458REP021: Front end for 2.5GHz GlobalStar +IS-95
Reference Circuit457REP018: Dual-Band Dual-Mode Front-End IC with Common 183.6MHz IF
Reference Circuit453REP005: Tuned Front End for Dual-Band CDMA for Use with Low-Cost 85MHz IF SAWs
Reference Circuit451REP023: 3.5GHz Upconverter from 350MHz Achieves 9dB Gain and 1.3dBm IIP3
Reference Circuit448REP017: Dual-Band Triple-Mode IC Uses 183MHz for both CDMA and AMPS IFs
Reference Circuit446REP015: Dual-Path CDMA PA Tuned for High Linearity
Reference Circuit445REP010: Dual-band IS-136 FE IC at 183MHz IF
Reference Circuit444REP007: Cellular Front-End IC Drives IFR3100 IF Demodulator
Reference Circuit443REP008: Dual-Band Front-End IC Tuned for CDMA, PCS, and AMPS at a Common 85MHz Low IF
Reference Circuit442REP002: Dual-Band IS-136 TDMA RF Front-End Needs no Special Components
Reference Circuit441REP001: AMPS FM Mixer Trades Off IIP3 for Gain
Reference Circuit4279MAX2769 GPS Reference Design
Reference Circuit4278DVB-T Receiver Reference Design with the MAX3580
Reference Circuit4276WLAN Reference Design with the MAX2830
Reference Circuit4275GPS USB Reference Design with the MAX2769
Reference Circuit4274WiBro Reference Design with the MAX2837
Reference Circuit4178DVB-S Half-NIM Tuner Reference Design Uses the MAX2120 Tuner
Reference Circuit4175MAX3541 DVB-T/PAL Tuner
Reference Circuit4174MAX2165 DMB-TH USB Dongle Reference Design
Reference Circuit4173MAX3580 DVB-T Reference Design
Reference Circuit4172MAX2160 ISDB-T Reference Design
Reference Circuit4171Transmitter Reference Design for a 900MHz Full-Duplex Radio
Reference Circuit4156Reference Design for an 802.11b/g RF Front-End Module Using the MAX2830
Reference Circuit4154MAX2170/MAX2171 DAB/T-DMB Reference Design
Reference Circuit1088REP014: CDMA PA provides -45dBc ACPR at +28.5dBm