T1 FDL Controller/Monitor Stik


The DS2282 controls the Facility Data Link (FDL) and monitors errors in T1 lines. It clocks in and synchronizes recovered data from the T1 line and extracts the FDL messages for decoding. From its monitoring function, the DS2282 maintains several error counts in onboard nonvolatile memory and retains them despite external power loss.

In a typical application, a DS2250 Microcontroller is used to configure the DS2282 and receive its data while the DS2282 controls the DS2283 Enhanced T1 Line Card or DS2180A T1 Transceiver. The DS2282 can operate in hardware mode, without an external controller.

Applications for the DS2282 are at the data link interface in T1 environments, which require protocol conformance, nonvolatile operation, and low power consumption.

Key Features

  • Implements FDL message format, per ANSI T1.403-1989
  • Implements maintenance message protocol per AT&T TR 54016 (1986/89)
  • Counts:
    • Errored seconds
    • Severely errored seconds
    • Unavailable seconds
  • Stores important counts in NV memory
  • Works with DS2283 Enhanced T1 Line Card Stik or DS2180A T1 Transceiver
  • Transmits information retrieval and control through serial port
  • Can be used without external controller
  • Connects to 30-pin single in-line connector
  • Operating ranges:
    • 5V supply
    • 0°C to 70°C

Quality and Environmental Data

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