Transmit Line Interface


The DS2186 T1/CEPT transmit line interface chip interfaces user equipment to North American (T1 1.544MHz) and European (CEPT 2.048MHz) primary rate communications networks. The device is compatible with all types of twisted pair and coax cable found in such networks.

Key on-chip components include programmable wave-shaping circuitry, line drivers, remote loopback, and zero suppression logic. A line-coupling transformer is the only external component required.

Short-loop (DSX-1, 0 to 655ft) and long-loop (CSU; 0dB, -7.5dB, and -15dB) pulse templates found in T1 applications are supported. Appropriate CCITT recommendations are met in the CEPT mode.

Application areas include DACS, CSU, CPE, channel banks, and PABX-to-computer interfaces such as DMI and CPI. The DS2186 supports ISDN-PRI (primary rate interface) specifications.
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Key Features

  • Line interface for T1 (1.544MHz) and CEPT (2.048MHz) primary rate networks
  • On-chip transmit LBO (line build-out) and line drivers eliminate external components
  • Programmable output-pulse shape supports short- and long-loop applications
  • Supports bipolar and unipolar input data formats
  • Transparent B8ZS and HDB3 zero-code-suppression modes
  • Compatible with DS2180A T1 and DS2181A CEPT transceivers DS2141A T1 and DS2143 E1 controllers
  • Companion to the DS2187 receive line interface and DS2188 T1/CEPT jitter attenuator
  • Single 5V supply; low-power CMOS technology

Quality and Environmental Data

Product Reliability Reports: DS2186.pdf 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

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