T1 Single Chip Transceiver


The DS2151Q is a first-generation line interface unit for T1 lines that that pioneered single-chip integration of multiple functions, combining long- and short-haul and framing functionality with dual elastic stores and an 8-bit parallel control port. It continues to provide an adaptable interface unit at both network and central office interfaces.

The DS2151Q meets T1 specifications, including ANSI T1 403-199X, AT&T TR 6241 (12-90), and ITU G.703, G.704 G.706, G.823, and 1.431. Under processor control, the user can access the 64 8-bit internal registers to configure the DS2152 to suit the application.
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Key Features

  • Complete DS1/ISDN-PR1 transceiver
  • Short- and long-haul trunk capability
  • Independent send and receive functions
  • 32-bit or 128-bit jitter attenuator
  • DSX-1 and CXU line build-outs
  • D4, ESF, and SLC-96R framing
  • Dual onboard elastic buffers connect to backplanes up to 8.192MHz
  • Programmable output clocks for Fractional T1
  • 8-bit parallel control port can be muxed or nonmuxed
  • Extracts/inserts robbed-bit signals
  • Detects/generates yellow and blue alarms
  • Onboard FDL support circuitry
  • Generates/detects CSU loop codes
  • ANSI one's density monitor/enforcer
  • Path and line error counters, including BPV, CV, CRC6, and framing bit errors
  • Pin-compatible with DS2153Q
  • Operating ranges:
    • 5.0V
    • 0°C to +70°C (DS2151Q)
    • -40°C to +85°C (DS2151QN)

Technical Documents

App Note 3208 Elastic Store Operation
App Note 461 Programming and Controlling the FDL on DS2141A, DS2151
App Note 349 DS2152L vs. DS2151Q
App Note 310 D4 Framing and Signaling

Quality and Environmental Data

Product Reliability Reports: DS2151Q.pdf 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

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