73M1966B Evaluation Kit User Manual


The 73M1966B evaluation kit is a system for 73M1966B customer evaluations. The system is primarily designed to be used with a standard PCM channel measuring set, such as the Wandel & Goltermann PCM-4, but can be used as a stand-alone evaluation platform. The EV kit contains the 73M1966 demo motherboard, the 73M1966B demo board, and the Teridian Graphical User Interface (GUI). The recommended Wandel & Goltermann PCM-4 test set is an automated system that can analyze the performance of the 73M1966B. The GUI can be used to configure the 73M1966B control registers using a personal computer and to read its status conditions.

The EV kit demonstrates functionality and allows evaluation of the 73M1966B performance characteristics through the PCM channel measuring set, which provides a source of A-law or µ-law data that is used for the analysis of the bidirectional channel.

Use this document with those listed in Related Documentation. Note that this document does not describe the setup and configuration of the 73M1966B demo board; refer to the 73M1966B Demo Board User Manual. The Teridian Graphical User Interface is described in the 73M1866B/73M1966B GUI User Guide.

Key Features

The 73M1966B evaluation kit includes:
  • 73M1966 Demo Motherboard (Rev. D)
  • 73M1966B Demo Board (D1966P11A, Rev. D3)
  • GUI Parallel Interface Cable
  • AC to DC Transformer Wall Plug
  • CD Containing the GUI Software and Documentation Files


  • Analog Telephone Adapters
  • Converged Media Gateways
  • Integrated Access Devices
  • PSTN Lifeline Support for VoIP Equipment
  • Residential/CPE Gateways
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Integrated Service Routers
  • VoIP

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