73M1966B Demo Board


The 73M1966B demo board can be used with the 73M1966/1866 demo motherboard or in target applications where it is connected either by the appropriate connector or "blue wired" into the system that it will be used with. The active circuitry is identical to the 73M1866B keychain board other than including a connector for the GUI interface cable. The GUI cable is included in the 73M1966B evaluation kit and the demo board kit if it has been specifically ordered.

Key Features

The 73M1966B demo board includes:
  • A 73M1966B Demo Board (Rev. D3)
  • GUI Interface Cable (included with 73M1966B-EVM and 73M1966B-DB-C)
  • The following documents on CD
    • 73M1966B Demo Board User Manual (this document)
    • 73M1866B/73M1966B Data Sheet
    • 73M1966B GUI User Guide (included with 73M1966B-EVM and 73M1966B-DB-C)
    • 73M1966 Layout Guidelines
    • 73M1x66 Worldwide Design Guide
    • PCM Connectivity Application Note


  • Analog Telephone Adapters
  • Converged Media Gateways
  • Integrated Access Devices
  • PSTN Lifeline Support for VoIP Equipment
  • Residential/CPE Gateways
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Integrated Service Routers
  • VoIP

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