Powerline Communications (PLC)

Powerline communication technology minimizes infrastructure and maintenance costs by communicating over existing power lines. PLC technology avoids the need to create new communication paths through obstacles such as buildings, hills, and basements that block wireless communications.

Our flexible, single-chip powerline communications modem offers robust operation and programmability for multiple markets, such as G3-PLC, IEEE® P1901.2, ITU G.9903, and PRIME, and for multiple frequency bands, including CENELEC, FCC and ARIB.

Our digital baseband IC and its companion analog front-end (AFE) with integrated line driver, offer a complete high-speed power line broadband communication solution for industrial applications.

Our consumer-focused DC powerline communications devices provide a 2-pin power and communication interface, reducing cost and form factor while improving reliability. Additional features contribute to a more flexible design, enhanced user experience, and optimized charging routines.

Design Partners

Our design partners provide expert services to help build your powerline communications modules quickly and cost effectively.

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ZENO Flexible Narrowband OFDM Powerline Communication Modem with Integrated Analog Front End

  • Supports All Standards and Frequency Bands to Reduce R&D Investment and Time to Market
  • Accommodates Evolving Standards with Flexible System Architecture that Integrates Dual 32-Bit RISC Processors with 512KB Flash and 288KB RAM for MAC and PHY
  • Efficient BOM for Building Competitive Modems