Maxim offers the most complete product line of GPON, EPON, BPON, and GEPON ONT/OLT solutions. Choose from burst-mode and continuous-mode laser drivers to clock-phase aligners and CATV TIAs, or select one of our complete reference design solutions to get your product to market quickly.

Maxim offers complete IC solutions and reference designs for GPON and EPON applications. The selection tables below list Maxim's recommended products for your optical transceiver design.

PON OLT Optical Line Terminal

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DS4830A Optical Microcontroller

The DS4830A is a low-power, 16-bit microcontroller with a unique peripheral set supporting optic...
  • 16-Bit Low Power Microcontroller
  • Slave Communication Interface: 400kHz without Clock Stretching I2C Compatible 2-Wire or SPI
  • Master Communication Interface: 400kHz I²C-Compatible 2-Wire, SPI, or Maxim 3-Wire Laser Driver
  • Pin-Compatible with DS4830
  • 32KWords Flash Program Memory
  • 2KWords Data RAM
  • 4KWords ROM Memory
  • 32-Level Stack Memory
  • 2.85V to 3.63V Operating Voltage Range
  • 8 Independent 12-Bit Voltage DACs with 2.5V Internal Reference or External Reference
  • 10 x 16-Bit PWM Channels
    • Supports 4-Channel TECC H-Bridge Control
    • Boost/Buck DC-DC Control
    • 1MHz Switching Frequency
  • 13-Bit ADC with 26-Input Mux
    • 40ksps
    • Individual Channel Averaging Option
  • Two Independent Sample/Holds with Individual Channel Averaging Option
    • 1V Full Scale
    • 300ns Sample Time
  • Fast Temperature Measurement with Averaging Option
    • Internal Temperature Sensor, ±2°C
  • 10-Bit Fast Comparator with 16 Input Mux
  • 31 GPIO Pins
  • Internal 20MHz Oscillator
  • Up to 133MHz External Clock for PWM and Timers
  • Two 16-Bit Timers and One Programmable Watchdog Timer
  • Maskable Interrupt Sources
  • Fast Hardware CRC-8 for Packet Error Checking (PEC)
  • I2C and JTAG Bootloader
  • Four Software Interrupts
  • Supply Voltage Monitor (SVM) and Brownout Monitor
  • JTAG Port with In-System Debug and Programming
  • Low Power Consumption (16mA) with All Analog Active
  • 5mm x 5mm, 40-Pin TQFN Package

DS1088C Fixed-Frequency EconOscillator™

The DS1088C is a low-cost clock generator that produces a square-wave output without external ti...
  • Factory-Programmed, 133MHz Square-Wave Generator
  • Single Output
  • No External Timing Components Required
  • 2.7V to 3.6V Supply
  • Power-Down Mode
  • Wide Temperature Range (-20°C to +85°C)

DS3922 High-Speed Current Mirror and Integrated FETs for DC-DC Controller

The DS3922 high-speed current mirror integrates high-voltage devices necessary for monitoring th...
  • Accurate Burst-Mode RSSI Measurement with Two Current Mirror Outputs Improves Dynamic Range
    • -32dBm to -5dBm Optical Input Range
    • ±0.5dB Accuracy
    • Sampling Period as Short as 300ns
    • Pin Discharge Option
  • Low-Noise APD Bias with Shutdown Options Reduces Receiver Sensitivity
    • 15V to 76V APD Bias
    • External Capacitor Connection for Controlled RC Time Constant of APD Voltage Filter
    • Current Clamp with Adjustable Limit and External Shutdown with Limit Status
    • High-Voltage Switch FET for APD Fast Shutdown
  • Supports Additional DC-DC Functions
    • Low-Voltage Synchronous Buck FETs for Efficient DFB Bias
    • Low-Voltage pMOSFET for Generating Negative Bias Voltage for EMLs
  • Small Package Reduces Total Solution Size and Cost
    • 3.5mm x 3.5mm, 24-Pin TQFN Package with Exposed Pad

MAX3710 125Mbps to 2.5Gbps Integrated Limiting Amplifier/Burst-Mode Laser Driver with Dual-Loop Power Control

The MAX3710 limiting amplifier and burst mode laser driver provides a highly integrated, low-cos...
  • Simplifies Module Manufacturing
    • Enables Single-Temperature Module Testing
    • Production Laser Auto-Calibration Mode
  • Improved ONU Performance
    • Integrated APC and ERC Loops
    • 1.3mVP-P Receiver Sensitivity
    • Separate Laser Driver Supply (Rogue ONU Shutdown)
  • Flexibility
    • LVDS, LVPECL, and CML Compatible High-Speed I/Os
    • Programmable I/O Polarity
    • 3-Wire Digital Interface
  • Safety and Reliability
    • Integrated Safety Features with FAULT Mask Register
    • Supports SFP MSA and SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic
    • Selectable Analog Monitor of Laser Power or BIAS Current at BMON Pin

DS1842 76V, APD, Bias Output Stage with Current Monitoring

The DS1842 integrates the discrete high-voltage components necessary for avalanche photodiode (A...
  • 76V Maximum Boost Voltage
  • Switch FET
  • Current Monitor with a Wide 1μA to 2mA Range, Fast 50ns Time Constant, and 10:1 and 5:1 Ratio
  • 2mA Current Clamp with External Shutdown
  • Multiple External Filtering Options
  • 3mm x 3mm, 14-Pin TDFN Package with Exposed Pad

MAX3945 1.0625Gbps to 11.3Gbps, SFP+ Dual-Path Limiting Amplifier

The MAX3945 is a +3.3V, multirate, low-power limiting amplifier optimized for Fibre Channel and ...
  • 130mW Power Dissipation Enables < 1W SFP+ Modules
  • Enables Single-Module Design Compliance with 1000BASE-SX/LX and 10GBASE-SR/LR Specifications
  • -25.3dBm Optical Sensitivity at 1.25Gbps Using a 10.32Gbps ROSA
  • Selectable 1GHz/2.1GHz/2.5GHz/3GHz Input Filters at RATE_SEL = 0 Setting
  • Supports SFF-8431 SFP+ MSA and SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic
  • Total Power Dissipation of 130mW at 3.3V Power Supply with RSSI Monitor-Based LOS
  • Total Power Dissipation of 154mW at 3.3V Power Supply with Rx Input-Based LOS
  • 4mVP-P Input Sensitivity at 11.3Gbps
  • 4psP-P DJ at 11.3Gbps with RATE_SEL = 1
  • 4psP-P DJ at 8.5Gbps with RATE_SEL = 1
  • 5psP-P DJ at 4.25Gbps with RATE_SEL = 0, BW1 = 1, BW0 = 1
  • 9.0psP-P DJ at 1.25Gbps with RATE_SEL = 0, BW1 = 0, BW0 = 0
  • 26ps Rise and Fall Time with RATE_SEL = 1
  • 52ps Rise and Fall Time with RATE_SEL = 0
  • CML Output with Level Adjustment and Squelch Mode
  • Programmable CML Output Deemphasis
  • CML Output Polarity Select
  • LOS Polarity Select
  • Programmable Masking Time for the LOS Output
  • LOS Assert/Deassert Level Adjustment
  • Choice of Rx Input-Based LOS or RSSI Monitor-Based LOS
  • 3-Wire Digital Interface Compatible with Maxim’s SFP+ Family of Products