3.125Gbps XAUI Quad Equalizer

Achieve Clean 3.125Gbps XAUI Interfaces over 40in Backplanes

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The MAX3980 quad equalizer provides compensation for transmission medium losses for four "lanes" of digital NRZ data at a 3.125Gbps data rate in one package. It is tailor-made for 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) backplane applications requiring attenuation of noise and jitter that occur in communicating from MAC to PMD or from MAC to Switch. In support of the IEEE®-802.3ae for the XAUI interface, the MAX3980 adaptively allows XAUI lanes to reach up to 40in (1.0m) on FR4 board material.

The equalizer has 100Ω differential CML data inputs and outputs.

The MAX3980 is available in a 44-pin exposed-pad QFN package. The MAX3980 consumes only 700mW at +3.3V or 175mW per channel.
MAX3980: Typical Application Circuit MAX3980: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Four Differential Digital Data "Lanes" at 3.125Gbps
  • Spans 40in (1.0m) of FR4 PC Board
  • Receiver Equalization Reduces Intersymbol Interference (ISI)
  • Low-Power, 175mW per Channel
  • Standby Mode—Power-Down State
  • Single +3.3V Supply
  • Signal Detect


  • IEEE-802.3ae XAUI Interface (3.125Gbps)
  • InfiniBand® (2.5Gbps)

Technical Documents

App Note 863 MAX3980: Equalizing XAUI Backplanes with the MAX3980
Product Reliability Reports: MAX3980.pdf 
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