10Gbps EAM Driver with Integrated Bias Network

10.7Gbps Electro-Absorption Modulator (EAM) Driver with Integrated Modulation and Biasing Functions

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The MAX3940 is designed to drive an electro-absorption modulator (EAM) at data rates up to 10.7Gbps. It incorporates the functions of a biasing circuit and a modulation circuit, with integrated control op amps externally programmed by DC voltages.

The integrated bias circuit provides a programmable biasing current up to 50mA. This bias current reflects a bias voltage of up to 1.25V on an external 50Ω load. The bias and modulation circuits are internally connected on chip, eliminating the need for an external bias inductor.

A high-bandwidth, fully differential signal path is internally implemented to minimize jitter accumulation. When a clock signal is available, the integrated data-retiming function can be selected to reject input-signal jitter.

The MAX3940 receives differential CML signals (ground referenced) with on-chip line terminations of 50Ω. The output has a 50Ω resistor for back termination and is able to deliver a modulation current of 40mAP-P to 120mAP-P, with an edge speed of 23ps (typical, 20% to 80%). This modulation current reflects an EAM modulation voltage of 1.0VP-P to 3.0VP-P.

The MAX3940 also includes an adjustable pulse-width control circuit to precompensate for asymmetrical EAM characteristics.
MAX3940: Typical Application Circuit MAX3940: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • On-Chip Bias Network
  • 23ps Edge Speed
  • Programmable Modulation Voltage Up to 3VP-P
  • Programmable EAM Biasing Voltage Up to 1.25V
  • Selectable Data-Retiming Latch
  • Up to 10.7Gbps Operation
  • Integrated Modulation and Biasing Functions
  • 50Ω On-Chip Input and Output Terminations
  • Pulse-Width Adjustment
  • Enable and Polarity Controls
  • ESD Protection


  • 10Gbps Ethernet
  • DWDM Systems
  • Long/Short-Reach Optical Transmitters
  • SONET/OC-192 and SDH/STM-64 Transmission Systems
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