+3.3V, 2.125Gbps/1.0625Gbps Fibre-Channel Port Bypass ICs

Provide > 1Vp-p Outputs While Consuming Only 180mW Power

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The MAX3750/MAX3751 are +3.3V, Fibre Channel port bypass ICs that include a high-speed multiplexer and output buffer stage for hot swapping a storage device. These devices are optimized for use in a Fibre Channel arbitrated loop topology.

The MAX3750 has a 2.125Gbps data rate, while the MAX3751's data rate is 1.0625Gbps. Total power consumption (including output currents) is low: just 190mW for the MAX3750 and 180mW for the MAX3751. Low 10ps jitter makes these devices ideal for cascaded topologies. The output driver circuitry is tolerant of load mismatches commonly caused by board vias and inductive connectors. On-chip termination reduces external part count and simplifies board layout.
MAX3750, MAX3751: Typical Application Circuit MAX3750, MAX3751: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Single +3.3V Supply
  • Low Jitter: 10ps
  • Low Power Consumption
    • 190mW (MAX3750)
    • 180mW (MAX3751)
  • Large Output Signal Swing: >1000mVp-p
  • Mismatch Tolerant Output Driver Stage
  • 150Ω Differential On-Chip Termination on All Inputs
  • 150Ω On-Chip Back Termination on All Output Ports


  • 1.0625Gbps Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
  • 2.125Gbps Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
  • Mass Storage Systems
  • RAID/JBOD Applications

MAX3750EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX3750, MAX3751
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