2.5Gbps Tx Burst-Mode Laser Transceiver

Highly Integrated PON ONU Transceiver

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The MAX24003 is a complete burst-mode laser driver transmitter and limiting amplifier receiver for use within fiber optic modules for FTTx applications. A fully compliant GEPON module with digital diagnostics can be realized when used with a 2KB EEPROM and suitable optics. Alternatively, a microcontroller can be used in conjunction with the MAX24003; however, this is not a necessity to achieve SFF-8472 compliance.

The 2.5Gbps limiting receive path features programmable output swing control, rate selection, and OMA-based loss of signal detection.

The burst-mode laser driver has temperature compensated modulation control using a look-up table. Closed loop control of laser power incorporates tracking error compensation and has multiple options for rapidly settling the laser power thus enabling fast registration and shutdown on the network. Diagnostics are enhanced with the inclusion of programmable transmit signal detection during bursts, and rogue ONU detection between bursts. This is linked to a laser safety system which allows the modulation and bias currents to be shut off in response to a range of different fault conditions detected on-chip.

The transmit and receive systems are independently powered and can respond separately to the SLEEP pin. The MAX24003 is highly configurable from either EEPROM or low-cost MCU using a two-wire interface.
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Key Features

  • 2.5Gbps Limiting Receiver
  • OMA-Based LOS Detection
  • 1.25Gbps to 2.5Gbps Laser Driver
  • CML, LVPECL, HSTL, SSTL-Compatible Inputs
  • Open and Closed-Loop Bias Control
  • Temperatur-Compensated IMOD Control
  • Highly Configurable Laser Safety System
  • Transmit TX_SD and Rogue ONU Detection
  • SFP MSA and SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostics
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Power-Saving SLEEP Modes
  • External DAC Interface


  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • GPON

Quality and Environmental Data

Product Reliability Reports: MAX24003.pdf 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

CAD Symbols and Footprints

  • MAX24003TL+
  • MAX24003TL+T
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