SFP and PON ONU Controller with Digital LDD Interface

Works with MAX3710 and MAX3711 LDD/Limiting Amp to Implement Extinction Ratio Control

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The DS1886 controls and monitors all functions for SFF, SFP, and SFP+ modules including all SFF-8472 functionality for GPON/EPON and 10G PON ONU applications. The combination of the DS1886 with the MAX3710 supports all transmitter and receiver functionality. The DS1886 includes modulation current control and APC set-point control with tracking error adjustment. It continually monitors RSSI for LOS generation. A 13-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) monitors VCC, temperature, laser bias, laser modulation, and receive power to meet all monitoring requirements. Receive power measurement is differential with support for common mode to VCC. A 9-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is included with temperature compensation for APD bias control.
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Key Features

  • Meets All SFF-8472 Control and Monitoring Requirements
  • Companion Controller for the MAX3710 Laser Driver/Limiting Amplifier and MAX3945 Limiting Amplifier
  • MAX3710/DS1886 Combination Supports Broad Spectrum of Continuous Mode and PON Applications Up to 2.5GHz
  • Temperature Lookup Table (LUT) to Compensate for APC Tracking Error and Dual Closed-Loop Variables
  • Three Laser Control Modes
    • Dual Closed Loop: Laser Bias and Laser Modulation Are Automatically Controlled with Multiple LUTs to Compensate Dual Closed-Loop Calibration Points
    • APC Loop: Laser Bias Automatically Controlled, Laser Modulation Controlled by Temperature LUT
    • Open Loop: Laser Bias and Laser Modulation Are Controlled by Temperature LUTs
  • 13-Bit ADC
    • Laser Bias, Laser Power, and Receive Power Support Internal and External Calibration
    • Differential Receive Power Input
    • Scalable Dynamic Range
    • Internal Direct-to-Digital Temperature Sensor
    • Alarm and Warning Flags for All Monitored Channels
  • 10-Bit DAC with Temperature Compensation for APD Bias
  • Digital I/O Pins: Transmit Disable Input/Output, Rate Select Input/Output, LOS Input/Output, Transmit Fault Input/Output, and IN1 Status Monitor and Fault input
  • Comprehensive Fault Measurement System with Maskable Alarm/Warnings
  • Flexible Password Scheme Provides Three Levels of Security
  • 256-Byte A0h and 128-Byte Upper A2h EEPROM
  • I²C-Compatible Interface
  • 3-Wire Master to Communicate with the MAX3710/MAX3711 Laser Driver/Limiting Amplifier and MAX3945 Limiting Amplifier


  • SFF, SFP, and PON ONU Modules

See parametric specs for Fiber Monitoring and Control (19)

Part NumberADCsResolution
DACs/ ResistorsFS Out
StepsTemp. SensorMemoryVSUPPLY
Control InterfacePackage/PinsBudgetary
See Notes
DS1886 5-Input Muxable132 DACsNoneNoneInternalEEPROM2.85 to 3.9I2C
$1.39 @1k

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