The interface to the optical cable requires specific physical layer transmitters and receivers to manage signal conversion between the electrical and optical domains. This conversion is normally performed in an optical transceiver module. We provide a family of products that drive optical transmitter devices such as lasers or silicon photonics along with receivers that amplify, reshape, and retime signals from a photodiode. These products are currently offered for bitrates up to 50Gbps. We also offer control and power management products that are optimized for optical module applications to complete the chipset needed in an optical module.

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Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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Featured Products

MAX3747A 155Mbps to 3.2Gbps, Low-Power SFP Limiting Amplifiers

The MAX3747A/MAX3747B multirate limiting amplifiers function as data quantizers for OC-3 through...
  • Pin Compatible with Micrel SY88993V
  • 155Mbps to 3.2Gbps Operation
  • > 57dB of Gain
  • < 10-12 BER with 2mVP-P Input Amplitude
  • 18mA Supply Current
  • Chatter-Free LOS with Programmable Threshold
  • Output DISABLE Function
  • PECL-Compatible Inputs

DS3911 Temperature-Controlled, Nonvolatile, I²C Quad DAC

The DS3911 is a quad, 10-bit delta-sigma output, nonvolatile (NV) controller that features an on...
  • Four 10-Bit Delta-Sigma Outputs
  • On-Chip Temperature Sensor and ADC
  • Four Temperature-Indexed LUTs, Up to 2°C Resolution
  • I²C-Compatible Serial Interface
  • Address Pins Allow Up to Four DS3911s to Share the Same I²C Bus
  • 2.8V to 5.5V Digital Supply
  • -40°C to +100°C Operating Temperature Range
  • 3mm x 5mm, 14-Pin TDFN Package

MAX3945 1.0625Gbps to 11.3Gbps, SFP+ Dual-Path Limiting Amplifier

The MAX3945 is a +3.3V, multirate, low-power limiting amplifier optimized for Fibre Channel and ...
  • 130mW Power Dissipation Enables < 1W SFP+ Modules
  • Enables Single-Module Design Compliance with 1000BASE-SX/LX and 10GBASE-SR/LR Specifications
  • -25.3dBm Optical Sensitivity at 1.25Gbps Using a 10.32Gbps ROSA
  • Selectable 1GHz/2.1GHz/2.5GHz/3GHz Input Filters at RATE_SEL = 0 Setting
  • Supports SFF-8431 SFP+ MSA and SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic
  • Total Power Dissipation of 130mW at 3.3V Power Supply with RSSI Monitor-Based LOS
  • Total Power Dissipation of 154mW at 3.3V Power Supply with Rx Input-Based LOS
  • 4mVP-P Input Sensitivity at 11.3Gbps
  • 4psP-P DJ at 11.3Gbps with RATE_SEL = 1
  • 4psP-P DJ at 8.5Gbps with RATE_SEL = 1
  • 5psP-P DJ at 4.25Gbps with RATE_SEL = 0, BW1 = 1, BW0 = 1
  • 9.0psP-P DJ at 1.25Gbps with RATE_SEL = 0, BW1 = 0, BW0 = 0
  • 26ps Rise and Fall Time with RATE_SEL = 1
  • 52ps Rise and Fall Time with RATE_SEL = 0
  • CML Output with Level Adjustment and Squelch Mode
  • Programmable CML Output Deemphasis
  • CML Output Polarity Select
  • LOS Polarity Select
  • Programmable Masking Time for the LOS Output
  • LOS Assert/Deassert Level Adjustment
  • Choice of Rx Input-Based LOS or RSSI Monitor-Based LOS
  • 3-Wire Digital Interface Compatible with Maxim’s SFP+ Family of Products