CEPT Primary Rate Transceiver

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The DS2181A is designed for use in CEPT networks and supports all logical requirements of CCITT Red Book recommendations G.704, G.706, and G.732. The transmit side generates framing patterns and CRC4 codes, formats outgoing channel and signaling data, and produces network alarm codes when enabled. The receive side decodes the incoming data and establishes frame, CAS multiframe, and CRC4 multiframe alignments. Once synchronized, the device extracts channel, signaling, and alarm data.

A serial port allows access to 14 on-chip control and status registers in the processor mode. In this mode, a host processor controls features such as error logging, per-channel code manipulation, and alteration of the receive synchronizer algorithm.

The hardware mode is intended for preliminary system prototyping and/or retrofitting into existing systems. This mode requires no host processor and disables special features available in the processor mode.
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Key Features

  • Single-chip primary-rate transceiver meets CCITT standards G.704, G.706 and G.732
  • Supports new CRC4-based framing standards and CAS and CCS signaling standards
  • Simple serial interface used for device configuration and control in processor mode
  • Hardware mode requires no host processor; intended for standalone applications
  • Comprehensive on-chip alarm generation, alarm detection, and error logging logic
  • Shares footprint with DS2180A T1 transceiver
  • Comparison to DS2175 T1/CEPT elastic store, DS2186 transmit line interface, DS2187 receive line interface, and DS2188 jitter attenuator
  • 5V supply; low-power CMOS technology
Product Reliability Reports: DS2181A.pdf 
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