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The DS2175 is a low-power CMOS elastic-store memory optimized for use in primary rate telecommunications transmission equipment. The device serves as a synchronizing element between async data streams and is compatible with North American (T1-1.544MHz) and European (CEPT-2.048MHz) rate networks. The chip has several flexible operating modes which eliminate support logic and hardware currently required to interconnect parallel or serial TDM backplanes. Application areas include digital trunks, drop and insert equipment, digital cross-connects (DCC), private network equipment, and PABX-to-computer interfaces such as DMI and CPI.
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Key Features

  • Rate buffer for T1 and CEPT transmission systems
  • Synchronizes loop-timed and system-timed data streams on frame boundaries
  • Ideal for T1 (1.544 MHz) to CEPT (2.048MHz), CEPT to T1 interfaces
  • Supports parallel and serial backplanes
  • Buffer depth is 2 frames
  • Comprehensive on-chip "slip" control logic
    • Slips occur only on frame boundaries
    • Outputs report slip occurrences and direction
    • Align feature allows buffer to be recentered at any time
    • Buffer depth easily monitored
  • Compatible with DS2180A T1 and DS2181A CEPT Transceivers
  • Industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C available, designated DS2175N
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