Low-Cost Demo Kit Motherboard

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The DK101 is a general-purpose demo kit platform for evaluating Dallas Semiconductor Telecom ICs. The ICs are mounted on daughter cards specifically designed to plug into the DK101's connector. The DK101 provides a microprocessor, flash- and SRAM-based program memory, various oscillators and support logic, and an RS-232 interface to a host PC. As shipped from the factory, the processor runs general-purpose firmware that executes reads and writes to the daughter card on behalf of PC-based demo software. Custom firmware can be downloaded and executed by the processor for advanced applications.

Key Features

  • Connects PC-Based Demo Software to the Telecom IC(s) Under Evaluation
  • Provides Point-and-Click Access to All Telecom IC Registers and Features
  • 128kB of Flash Memory, 264kB of SRAM
  • Demo Software User Interface can be Customized with Simple Text Edits
  • Allows Download and Execution of Custom Firmware for Advanced Applications
  • Supports 3.3V and 5V Telecom ICs
  • On-Board Oscillators: 3.088MHz (2 x DS1), 16.384MHz (8 x E1), and 44.736MHz (DS3)
  • Four General-Purpose Switches Available for Use with Custom Firmware
  • Motorola ONCE/BDM Connector for Code Development and Debug

Technical Documents

App Note 2722 Interfacing the DS2156 Utopia II Bus to Maxim Demo Kits

Additional Resources

ChipView Evaluation Kit Software (ZIP, 19MB)
Request Reliability Report for: DK101 
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