MicroDAA with PCM Highway

Devices Set the Standards in FXO Performance, Programmability, and Compliance

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The Teridian 73M1x66B device family is an integrated solution that uses a unique data access arrangement (DAA) function designed exclusively for foreign exchange office (FXO) of voice-over-IP (VoIP) and PCM systems. The devices provide most of the circuitry to connect PCM-formatted voice channels to a PSTN through a two-wire twisted-pair interface. The 73M1x66B connects through simple standard interfaces. A PCM highway interface provides the data path and a SPI™ provides device control. These interfaces allow the 73M1x66B to be easily connected and controlled with other similar devices to the PCM highway and SPI such as POTS codecs, ISDN codecs, T1/E1 framers, etc.

Suitable applications for the 73M1x66B include VoIP equipment that have a need to provide connectivity to the PSTN for purposes of guaranteeing emergency service calling, redundancy for supplementary connectivity for voice and maintenance services.

The FXO device family consists of the 73M1966B, which is a two-chip set consisting of a PSTN line side device and a host/digital side device. The 73M1866B is a single package solution of the 73M1966B chipset, providing a small form factor with the necessary isolation requirements.

Key Features

  • Full FXO for VoIP and PCM Applications
  • Single Package FXO (73M1866B), Two-Chip Set (73M1966B)
  • Integrated Support for Programmable DAA with a Single BOM for Worldwide Homologation
  • Low Bill of Materials Cost and Area Footprint
  • Teridian’s MicroDAA™ Architecture
  • Uses Low-Cost Pulse Transformer


  • Analog Telephone Adapters
  • Converged Media Gateways
  • Integrated Access Devices
  • PSTN Lifeline Support for VoIP Equipment
  • Residential/CPE Gateways
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Integrated Service Routers
  • VoIP
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