73M1922 Demo Board

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The 73M1922 MicroDAA Chipset Demo Board integrates silicon Data Access Arrangement (DAA) function along with Analog Front End functions chipsets for worldwide compliance.

The 73M1922 MicroDAA chipset consists of a 73M1902 and a 73M1912. The 73M1902 is the Host Interface Chip (HIC) providing a host microprocessor or DSP interface by a synchronous serial port (Modem Analog Front End (MAFE)) and the 73M1912 is the Line Interface Chip (LIC) to connect to a telephone line.

The 73M1922 chipset is packaged in two 20-pin TSSOP or two 32-pin QFN packages for a very small physical dimension and offers low cost global DAA design.

Key Features

Demo Board Kit Includes
  • A 73M1922 Demo Board (Rev. D1)
  • The following documents on CD:
    • 73M1922 Demo Board User Manual (this document)
    • 73M1822/73M1922 Data Sheet
    • 73M1822/73M1922 Layout Guideline
    • 73M1x22 Worldwide Design Guide


  • Embedded Modem Applications such as Medical and Industrial Telemetry
  • Fax/Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs)
  • High-Speed Voiceband Data Modems
  • POS Terminals
  • Satellite Set-Top Boxes
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