Communication ICs simplify design of electronic communication equipment by providing complete building blocks or application specific functions in a single chip. This results in higher reliability designs that require lower power, less space, smaller BOM and faster time to market. Our high-performance communications devices support multiple technologies including wired, powerline, optical, and wireless communications. These highly integrated solutions address critical functions within the telecom, cable, data center, mobile and automotive markets.

Communications Development Boards

698MHz to 3800MHz RF Power Amplifier Linearizer


True RFin/RFout solution supports 100MHz BW for modular power amp designs, including 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular infrastructure.

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300MHz–960MHz (G)FSK Transmitter with I2C Interface


Includes Bits-to-RF single-wire MCU for low-cost implementation, up to +16dBm output power to increase short-range transmissions.

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Low-Power DOCSIS 3.1 Programmable-Gain Amplifier


Passes stringent DOCSIS 3.1 specifications. Low 3.5W power dissipation surpasses cable modem/gateway requirements.

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Frequency Synthesizer Shield


Frequency synthesizer generates 23.5MHz to 6GHz microwave radio signals. Level translators connect to +3.3V and +5V microcontrollers.

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Evaluation Kit for Multiband Universal GNSS Receivers


Provides multi-constellation/multi-band support with superior RF performance for the highest position accuracy.

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Evaluation Kit for Universal GNSS Receivers


Fully programmable, supports GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo systems in a single chip.

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Evaluation Kit for the MAX44284


Demonstrates the high-precision real-time current monitoring of the MAX44284 current-sense amplifier.

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Power Amplifier Biasing through MAX11300 PIXI IC


This design uses a MAX11300 programmable mixed-signal I/O (PIXI™), to bias and monitor a power amplifier for an RF base station.

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SHA-256 Secure Authentication Design

MAXREFDES34 (Alcatraz)

This design implements SHA-256 authentication function using the 1-Wire protocol.

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3.3V and 5V PoE Powered Device

MAXREFDES31 (Pasadena)

This design is an IEEE 802.3af/at compliant. Powered Device (PD). In addition to regulating power received over Ethernet, device can also be powered from a wall adapter.

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