DirectDrive® video amplifiers integrate a proprietary, internally-generated negative power supply that:

  • Eliminates Large Output Capacitors
  • Sets the Black Level to Ground
  • Provides Full 2VP-P Video Signals, Even When Operating from a +1.8V Digital Supply

Benefits of Maxim's DirectDrive Video Technology

  • Saves Space—Output capacitors and charge pumps take up critical board space in portable applications.
  • Saves Money—Low-profile output capacitors in the 220µF to 2200µF range are expensive.
  • Saves Power—1.8V solutions consume > 70% less average power than the competition.
  • Improves Picture Quality—Output capacitors that cause field tilt and line tiltare eliminated. Maxim's internal charge-pump glitch energy (100pV/s) is not visible on the display. The competition's is visible!

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