Maxim's digital video signal integrity (SI) solutions—DisplayPort (DP), HDMI, DVI (TMDS)—provide designers with the best picture quality possible. Solutions for next generation long reach and video distribution applications offer video cable length extension and signal integrity advantages including best automatic performance (no setting or tweaks), lowest jitter (for best and cleaned delivered picture quality), and the most flexible/ease of use (multiple switch configurations) for both cable and PCB applications. Maxim also has differential analog video equalizers for composite video (CVBS) over twisted-pair cabling.

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Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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MAX4928A DisplayPort/PCIe Passive Switches

The MAX4928A/MAX4928B high-speed passive switches route PCI Express® (PCIe) data and/or DisplayP...
  • Single +3.3V Power Supply Voltage
  • Supports PCIe Gen I, Gen II, and DisplayPort
    • Data Rates > 5Gbps
  • Excellent Return Loss > 12dB at 2.5GHz
  • Six Bidirectional Pairs of Switches
    • All Switching in One Device
  • Low 800µA (max) Supply Current
  • Small 5mm x 11mm, 56-Pin TQFN Package
  • Industry Standard Pinouts

MAX4929E HDMI 2:1 Low-Frequency Translating Switch

The MAX4929E low-frequency 2:1 switch is ideal for HDMI™/DVI™ switching applications. The device...
  • DDC Switches
    • Low 20pF (typ) Capacitance
  • Protects EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) EPROM or MCU from Excess Voltage
  • Hot-Plug Detect Signal
    • Translates MCU Voltage to TTL Levels
  • Two Devices Can Be Used to Form a 4:1 Switch
    • No Added Active Components Needed
  • ±6kV ESD Protection HBM on All External I/Os
  • Available in Lead-Free, 20-Pin TQFN or 20-Pin QSOP Packages

MAX4886 Quad, High-Speed HDMI/DVI 2:1 Digital Video Switch

The MAX4886 high-speed analog switch is ideal for HDMI™/DVI™ switching applications, permitting ...
  • Single +3.0V to +3.6V Power Supply
  • Low On-Resistance (RON): 8Ω (typ)
  • Low On-Capacitance (CON): 2.5pF (typ)
  • Low Skew: 20ps (typ)
  • 700μA Low Supply Current
  • 2.6GHz (typ) Ultra-High Bandwidth
  • 0.6dB (typ) Ultra-Low Insertion Loss
  • High-Frequency Companion Device to MAX4929
  • Use MAX4886 and MAX4929 to Form a Complete HDMI/DVI 2:1 Switch
  • 42-Pin, 3.5mm x 9.0mm, Space-Saving TQFN